f you've worked with a cardiology specialist before, you may have heard of echocardiography. Doctors use this ultrasound test to check patients' hearts for potential defects. Willow Creek Family Medicine offers echocardiogram services at our office in Cheyenne, Wyoming. If your cardiologist determines that the test is right for you, we'll walk you through the entire process.

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Find out more about your heart

An echocardiography is meant to help you learn more about your heart, how it functions and its health. When you meet with your cardiologist, they will complete a full assessment to see if you have signs or symptoms of heart problems.

Your cardiology specialist will use an echocardiogram to check for...

  • Abnormalities in your heart's outer lining
  • Problems with the large blood vessels around your heart
  • Holes between the chambers of your heart
  • Blot clots in or around the chambers of your heart

An echocardiogram shouldn't affect your daily activities. You can go right back to work after the test.

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